Team Members

Han Huijun (Tim) from China

LCI 2014-2015 | Business & Management

” The bond that existed among the LCI students in 2014-2015 was extraordinary. "

Judita From Lithuania

LCI 1995-1996 | Mother and Family Center Director

An outstanding young leader from a Catholic family who had withstood the persecutions of the Soviet era.

Ksenia Smirnova From Russia

LCI 2011-2012 | University Lecturer

“LCI not only gave me friends for life, but most importantly a solid Catholic foundation."

Oleh from Ukraine

Roman Catholic Seminarian

“Here the young people have a kind of faith that I have not met before.”

Yunita from Borneo, Indonesia

Teacher in Primary School

“I like the faith and the community here in Gaming."

Matej from the Czech Republic

"I am surprised and amazed at the belief of so many young people, and especially their openness in communicating it!”

Dalia from Lithuania

Religion Teacher

"I really like the conversations we have, the different languages and cultures I’ve encountered, praying together, and even a difference in mentality. But it is good; it is a new experience for me.”

Fr. Vitaliy from Ukraine

LCI 2010-2011 | Greek Catholic Priest

“I think God wants this program. I know I am a different priest because of this year. Many of my parishioners remark that my preaching is different than the others. I think this is because I went out and experienced the life of other Catholics.”