Dalia from Lithuania

About Dalia from Lithuania

Religion Teacher

Dalia grew up in a country that is roughly eighty percent Catholic, and yet the number who attend Mass regularly and live their Faith is few. Dalia herself was Baptized into the Catholic Church when she was a year old. However, her father does not practice, and her mother is Orthodox, so she grew up attending Orthodox liturgy. When she became an adult, she chose the Catholic Faith as her own. Now Dalia is a religion teacher for young people in the capital city, Vilnius.
Dalia heard about the LCI program from a friend who attended some years before, but she said that nothing could have prepared her for this experience, she “couldn’t have imagined” what life here would be like. It is her first time living abroad, but finds life in an international community enriching. “I really like the conversations we have, the different languages and cultures I’ve encountered, praying together, and even a difference in mentality. But it is good; it is a new experience for me.” While studying English is one of her main objectives for being here, Dalia also sees the importance of catechism and theology classes. She had studied the Catechism in Lithuania, but sees it as important to continue in order to have knowledge and understanding of life. She observes, “I am different inside when I read the Bible and the Catechism.”
Living a life of worship together in Gaming is particularly impactful for Dalia. When asked what she will bring home with her after this year, she replied: “I think I will bring my heart. It will be new. When you attend daily Mass, it brings you something new. It’s that newness that I will bring.”