LCI 2023/2024

Rising from the Ashes


In 2020, the Covid pandemic brought a fear of uncertainty that disrupted the world, shut down entire countries, brought economies to a standstill, and resulted in the closing of the LCI program. Without the ability to bring LCI students to the Gaming campus, a decision was made by the Board to shut down the program and both Jenny Healy and Bobette Huzovic moved back to the United States. The future of LCI was uncertain.

At the request of many LCI alumni, a recurring webconference was started called LCI Connection, which provided an opportunity for prayer, fellowship, and support during the Covid pandemic. The positive response from these conferences prompted the LCI board to continue to provide both educational and social webinars since 2020.

On February 24, 2022, Russian began the war in Ukraine. This act of aggression has resulted in the displacement of hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians, and has impacted the lives of so many innocent bystanders in the wake of the devastation resulting from the war. LCI, in an effort to help and at the request of so many alumni desiring to assist those in need, mobilized the LCI Family and raised over $50,000.00 that was distributed and utilized by LCI alumni across Europe to purchase goods and get them to those in need in the Ukraine and those who fled the country for safety.

With the opening of the Franciscan University campus in Gaming, LCI began to explore restarting the LCI program. In the Spring semester of 2023, two LCI students, Anna from Hungary and Angelin from Romania joined the Franciscan students for the semester, an experience that reinforced the benefit of LCI both for the European students and for the cultural experience for the American students on the Gaming campus.


$150,000 Capital Campaign Goal


After ongoing discussions with Franciscan University and the LCI Board, we are pleased to announce that the LCI program will officially relaunch in the Spring semester of 2024 with at least six LCI students. However, LCI’s funding over the past two years has been minimal for purposes of the LCI program, with most of its fundraising going toward the Ukrainian support outreach. In order to bring the LCI program back, we need your help! LCI has set a fundraising goal of $150,000.00 for 2024. This will provide for the 2024 LCI program in Gaming, as well as additional funding needed to rebuild the program administratively.


$50,000.00 LCI Board

Matching Donation


The LCI Board is launching this campaign by committing $50,000.00 as a match if you can help us raise $50,000.00 by October 22, 2023, the Feast Day of St. John Paul II.


From our LCI family, may God reward you!