Angelin (pictured left) is the other of two LCI students at Franciscan University’s Austria program this Spring 2023 semester. In this brief reflection, he shares his gratitude and sense of belonging. (See previous post for Anna’s reflection.)

Hello everyone!

I’m Angelin, a Romanian LCI student who enjoys the gift of Gaming to the fullest. It’s already been a month since I arrived here and I can say that it’s been a month full of God’s gifts. The most important being the people. In such a short time I have become very close to the American students and other people living in Gaming. The many activities and tasks leave no room for boredom and it makes me feel alive. Two weeks ago I participated in the pilgrimage to Rome and Assisi and it was a profound experience. Being there and participating in the many activities made me feel like I belonged to one big family regardless of the fact that we are from different countries. The memories will be kept in my heart and I will be able to testify to my friends when I go to Romania.