Han Huijun (Tim) from China

About Han Huijun (Tim) from China

LCI 2014-2015 | Business & Management

Han Huijun, known to the LCI family as “Tim,” joined our community for the 2014-2015 academic year. Tim was born and raised in a small agricultural village in China. His family is a farming family. Though not raised in a Catholic family, Tim felt drawn to the Faith and was baptized as an adult in 2012.

When Tim came to Austria, it was his first time being abroad. He experienced his life at the LCI Program eye-opening: “Through seven months’ experiencing, studying, and traveling, my mind was changed . . .and more importantly, I understand more about my Catholic Faith.” The bond that existed among the LCI students in 2014-2015 was extraordinary. Ten students strong, and from absolutely diverse cultures, they really became a family unit of sorts. As Tim put it: “From the people around me in Gaming, I felt Love, and I spent very happy and meaningful times here, which left lots of beautiful memories that I will never forget my whole life. “ There were many games of UNO played, many prayers prayed together, many late-night discussions about everything from politics, to faith, to the real meaning of love. “

After his year at LCI, Tim returned to China to continue his former job working for an international trade company. He also enjoys photography on the side as a hobby. Just this past November, Tim entered into the Sacrament of Marriage, and is very happy to be entering this new state of life. In addition, Tim has worked in collaboration with Rev. Johannes Schwartz (of Austria) to help produce the “Three-Minute Catechisms” available to Chinese young people. The text was translated by former LCI student Sr. Ruo Han of the Sisters of Bethlehem (LCI Class of 2010), and Tim did the voiceovers. These are wonderful topics ranging from: “What is virtue?” to “What is the Church?” to “Everyone is called to holiness,” as well as teachings on marriage and family and so much more. This is just one thing that Tim has committed to do to revive and strengthen the beauty of the Faith in his home country. He reflects on his time at LCI: “I am trying to find ways to use what I learned in Gaming to help people. . . I experienced a new way of life in Gaming. Many differences in cultures and perspectives; these things make me keep thinking and finding.”