Recently, we asked our LCI students to write down their first impressions of Americans. Here are there responses:

“They always smile and often say ‘Hey! How are you!’ It was amazing for me because in my university we don’t smile or greet other students.” Lera, Kazakhstan

“They are so friendly and they help me with pleasure. It’s so easy to be with them.” Sr. Josyfa, Ukraine

“To my surprise, I met many people with deep faith. It inspires me. Until now, I only know Americans through television. They are very different.” Michal, Slovakia

“The American students I have met use words like wow, amazing, or awesome much more than any culture I have ever met. For example: I say, ‘I am from Bratislava.’ Then the response is, ‘Wow.’” Jano, Slovakia

“There are pretty huge differences between our cultures. For example, they are so much more talkative and they express their emotions more than Europeans.” Marton, Hungary

“In the USA students can choose subjects. It is different from Ukraine.” Solomia, Ukraine

“Most Americans are so independent. They can travel alone and they can do lots of entertaining. They can also go to foreign countries to serve.” JiaJia, China

“I like that American students are open. Every American student helps me, for example at dinner or lunch. When I meet them, they talk with me. My first impression is that they are so very friendly.” Laura, Romania