Christine Saah of Gaithersburg, Maryland, will be joining LCI at the end of January to begin the mission outreach program of the newly established Sts. Cyril and Methodius Center for Evangelization. Why is she coming? In her own words: “I believe God is asking more of me. I have a thirst to learn about the Faith, and want to share it. I want that to be my job, not just something I hope I can try to incorporate…I want to do more and make it my everything.”

The first months will be spent at the Kartause, where Christine will be immersed in all the activities of LCI, studying theology and spirituality and learning how to teach English. She will lead short-term mission trips before being sent to Eastern Europe for a full-time, year-long mission. Thank you, Lord, for answering the prayer for more laborers for the harvest!

One thought on “Responding to the Call

  1. Christine, this is so exciting, and we’re thrilled that you have this opportunity. We have not been in a good position to help you monetarily, so what we must do right now is support you with our prayers. May God bless you and and all your efforts in order to glorify Him!

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