We will always remember Dr. Fougerousse, Jim, Papa Fouge, who passed into eternal life on 22 February 2021, as an extraordinary man who was brilliant, generous, full of life and a good sense of humor. He was one of the founders of the LCI program, and he welcomed all the students in the beginning years. So many of us owe him much gratitude for all the ways he made the Austria Program and LCI an outstanding experience and great adventure. From creating the academic schedule, to planning the Rome and Assisi pilgrimage, to naming the “Mensa” and “Audi-max,” and in countless other ways, he has left his mark.

May he rest in peace!

Of his many pithy and humorous sayings, some of our favorites are:

“Language is the background music to the dance of communication.”

“If it ain’t Baroque, don’t fax it!” (The text of the first fax message sent to Main Campus.)

“A picture is worth a thousand lies.”

“In Italy the faucets read ‘Caldo’ and ‘Freddo’ and that means ‘Cold’ and ‘Freezing’”!

Let’s thank God for the gift of his life, and renew our hope in the Resurrection!