One Faith: East and West International Art Exhibition

It has been said that “beauty is the face of truth.” When all the arguments of reason fail, beauty never fails to attract. It is a common meeting point, the common home, of the human race. It has the power to lift our minds to the transcendent, the other-worldly, and therefore ennoble and inspire our day-to-day lives. It helps us perceive more clearly the truth about reality, and to distil the essential elements of life.

iconjesusThis is in part why art has been so essential to culture, not only in the revelation of the truth, but also because of its ability to cross cultural, ethnic, social, political, and even religious barriers.  Speaking to the depths of the human spirit, art draws man out of himself into relation to another, opening the possibilities of dialogue, communion, and peace.

LCI’s art exhibition, One Faith: East and West, seeks to promote just that: the crossing of cultures through the power of beauty. Opening March 19, the Feast of St. Joseph, in Beijing, the exhibition features the works of 18 artists – Roman Catholic, Byzantine Catholic, and Eastern Orthodox – who have expressed their faith in Jesus Christ. Using the language of color and form, and with their power to attract, the works of art speak of the One who unifies within the diversity of many different cultures, and of the fundamental goodness of creation.

Following the Beijing opening, the exhibition is scheduled to be in Moscow from April 19 – May 16 before finishing in New York in June.

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