Dear LCI family!

My deep gratitude for you all, for your spiritual efforts and every effort, for us here in Ukraine! This is true that we live in anxiety every day. Terrible alarms, several times a day, announce that it is necessary to flee to a shelter, even in our relatively calm and quiet city of Drohobych. To prevent panic, each church has organized volunteer centers, where we collect aid, make dumplings, and weave nets. It calms the state of the souls. People can’t pray, chaotic thoughts overpower them, although here there is no bombing… But our men every day bravely go to defend the country!

We believe that God is with us. Even when we feel depressed or desperate, it passes because we see the support of the world, we see how many people take to the streets to support us, so many prayers, that inspires and empowers us to victory. We have no other way. The enemy will not give up. Defending our country is a matter of principle, and we will not give up! Thank you for your prayers, for your help! You are the best!

We also pray for you!

Your humble servant, Fr. Vitaliy