Since the last week of February, LCI has been intensely focused on the Under Our Lady’s Mantle Ukraine Relief Fund. Through this fund we have been able to give emergency aid to LCI alumni who are in Ukraine and the bordering countries helping alleviate the humanitarian crisis unfolding there. It has been truly amazing to see the incredible generosity of so many people! We have received donations from LCI alumni, Franciscan University alumni and students, friends and family of the LCI community, and even from those who are hearing about LCI for the first time. Donations have been coming in from all over the globe, and with each new one, I feel as though the world has found a common goal in aiding our suffering brothers and sisters in Christ.

Many of the people who donate send encouraging messages:

“[Ukraine is] always in my heart and daily prayers. Courage! God bless.”

“May God bless all our LCI alumni with special grace!”

“Praying that our Lord multiplies this gift 100x.”

“God bless all those who are involved in helping our brothers and sisters in the Ukraine. We are praying for peace!”

LCI has sent relief funds to:
• the Archeparchy of Kyiv for first aid, food, and supplies
• the Eparchy of Kosice, Slovakia, for aid brought to the border of Ukraine
Hana’s House in Slovakia, where Hana is giving hospitality to refugees
Fr. Remus at St. Joseph ’s parish in northwest Romania, is collecting and distributing food and basic supplies to Ukrainians arriving there
• The Eparchy of Mukachevo in western Ukraine, through the Saint Panteleimon Caritas local chapter, where Bishop Nil Lushchak and Fr. Joseph are

It has been heartbreaking but also inspiring to be in direct communication with many of the people so affected by this crisis.

“Our Eparchy is also collecting material aid, supplies and we bring everything to the border with Ukraine… It’s so painful to see all this, but God is above everything…we pray, fast and we do what we can.”

“Our team… with your help and other benefactors offered today a warm welcome to the refugees into our country: hot tea, coffee, food, sweets for kids…etc”

At Hana’s House, Hana is giving food and shelter to refugees as they come across the border, and sends aid to people still on the other side of the border. Recently, she received a call at midnight to come to the border to take in five refugees who had nowhere to go. Hana commented, “Thousands have come through already, and hundreds of thousands more are waiting to come through. This is really just the beginning. It is just the beginning.”

I am confident that it is also just the beginning of the support that LCI will be able to provide through generous donors and the goodness of God. Donations have continued to pour in as more people respond to the enormous need. We are so unbelievably grateful to everyone who has contributed and to those who are continuing to do so.

Our Lady, Queen of Peace, pray for us!

If you would like to contribute to the fund, click here, thank you!