monika_newMonika is an LCI student from Bosnia-Herzegovina. She is a great joy to be with – she is always smiling, and laughs when she speaks. Monika is rather quiet, but as the LCI teachers soon discovered, she has within her a vibrant faith, a giving nature, and great desire to know the Truth. She excels in her schoolwork, and thrives on challenges. She is one of those students who sees her studies as a great gift, and so always tries her best. Monika was born during the War period in Bosnia-Herzegovina, and so shortly after her birth, she was baptized by her mother (who was afraid of the bombs, afraid that there would be no time to call for a priest). She grew up in a wholesome household, and encouraged by her family, began studying catechetics. Her brother is a seminarian, and she felt also in herself a desire to somehow serve the Church in her home country. Through her bishop, she was put in contact with the LCI program, and hopes during her time here to grow in her Faith and English language skills to return to Bosnia-Herzegovina and serve God in whatever way possible.

A Few Words from Monika.

Q: Can you tell me your name and where you are from?

A: I am Monika from Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Q: Why did you want to come to LCI?
A: I went to LCI to deepen my faith and to also learn English so that I can better serve the Church in my country… LCI is special because we have the opportunity to live with so many people from other countries.

Q: How will your studies here help you to serve the Church in Bosnia-Herzegovina?
A: I can (have the opportunity to) speak with people from other countries, to maybe help in Caritas… Caritas is an organization for helping people – a Catholic organization. [They help people in] many ways. Providing education for the poor, for example, or a place where old people can live.

Q: What do you have to say about the American students here?

A: The American students are different, because I know America only from the movies, and these students are so different. They are friendly, they are smiling, and they are full of faith. It was really a surprise for me.

Q: What is your favorite part of studying at the LCI?

A: Adoration and theology.

Final words from Monika, an excerpt from a thank you letter: “Can you imagine how thankful I am? …One of the most beautiful things of our Catholic Church is that we don’t have to be together in reality, but we can be together in our prayers. I will pray for you!”