Twenty-five years ago this month, the first students and teachers arrived at the Kartause for the beginning of the Language & Catechetical Institute. Madeleine Rivest had just relocated from Canada (and before that, China) to become the first director, and 15 students from (then) Czechoslovakia came to learn English (and German!) Jim Criman (now Fr. Crisman), Jenny Healy (now LCI Co-director) and Tina Quintana (now Tina Love) began training as English teachers and missionaries.

Today we begin the celebration of the 25th Anniversary of LCI with a Mass of Thanksgiving , and with rejoicing in the many blessings received through LCI.

We are grateful for the Kartause community, for all LCI alumni, students, and staff, and for our many benefactors, friends, and family. We are blessed this month to be welcoming back the 16 regular-program LCI students as well as two new missionaries, Carol and Christine, who are joining LCI’s newly-established Sts. Cyril and Methodius Center for Evangelization.

Thanks to all who have contributed to LCI and the mission for the New Evangelization in the East!

We look forward to sharing more memories and keeping you posted on more events in the weeks in this year of celebration!