olgaA little bit means a lot!

Did you know that the majority of donations to LCI are small donations between $2.00 and $100.00? You really make a difference whenever you make a contribution, whatever the amount! Added together, small donations cover the costs for an LCI student to come to the Kartause for two semesters for a life-changing experience. Your gift then pays back for a lifetime as the LCI graduates do the work of rebuilding the Church in their home countries.

Make a donation now to help LCI begin the new semester! Help us reach our goal of $15,000 in small donations – give just $15 for the New Evangelization and make all the difference in the world for one more LCI student to come to the Kartause!

Thank you to all who have already supported LCI’s mission, and keeping you in prayer,

Jenny and the LCI team

P.S. Vladimir from Moldova recently wrote to me that what he received at LCI cannot be measured in coins, and now he is one of several graduates who are giving back as LCI donors!