Matthew and Hannah have a sincere desire to serve the Church through their marriage and family, after five years of serving the Lord through ministry on college campuses in the United States, they are now preparing to serve the Lord through CMC.

“Who is going to tell people about Jesus Christ and His Church? Who will tell them about the Eucharist? We, the Christians, need to. We have a moral obligation. How can we love someone and not share Jesus with them? It is our imperative and the Lord’s command. It is, as Benedict XVI says, the highest form of charity. It is love. By our baptism and confirmation we have been commissioned with Christ to make disciples of all nations. We must go out and love the souls in this broken world. We must go anywhere the Lord wants us to go. Through our five years serving as missionaries in the United States, the Lord has called us to take bigger and bigger steps: to surrender more, to trust more, to love more. The Lord has now asked our family to go to a place that will not be comfortable, will not be easy, will not be familiar. But we know He is preparing a place for us. He already has in mind the souls we will encounter and we cannot wait to meet them!”  –Matthew and Hannah Ketcham

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